ripley smith
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⤑ full name ripley chera smith ⤑ known as ripley smith ⤑ age + birth date 32 + july 4th, 1984 ⤑ birthplace little rock, arkansas ⤑ residence los angeles, california
dallas, texas
⤑ occupation actress ⤑ relationship status kinda sorta ⤑ pets staubach, aikman
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• her parents were in the process of divorcing when ripley's mother, darla, found out that she was six weeks pregnant. the pair tried to make it work after the news but, within a month of living together again, had already decided to go ahead with the divorce.

• when she was six, her mother remarried and, shortly after that, ripley was the older sister of jackson and jessica.

• is a huge football fan - her favorite team is the dallas cowboys and she supports them 100%. she's yet to miss their first home game every season since 2000.

• landing a role on the adventures of pete & pete was an oppurtunity of a lifetime - one that she pushed for shortly after her family moved to los angeles. ripley started modeling for children's catalogues as soon as they ahd settled in california and kept pushing her mom to send her to television and film auditions before she got the part of nona mecklenberg.

• is known to be a huge animal lover. currently owns two boxers, aikman and staubach.

• in 2010, ripley's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. despite aggressive treatment, she passed away in october of the same year.

• has been completely dedicated to her career, especially after landing the role of natasha romanoff in the marvel cinematic universe. if she's not filming or training for a marvel film, she's usually in toronto, filming orphan black.

• would love to get in to start her own production company one day as well as directing films.

• toward the end of her time on buffy the vampire slayer, ripley had a desire to do more serious, mature film roles. it took multiple auditions before someone took her seriously and didn't see her as amanda harlow's television kid sister.

• more to come later!